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What we do.

Our community is dedicated to supporting innovators in their journey to grow and succeed. We offer a range of resources and events to help founders network, learn, and access funding opportunities.


Communities are the support system you need to thrive, and we are that community for ambitious innovators. We believe in your vision and we offer you a healthy community to prove it.


While we don't mind meeting up on zoom from anywhere in the world, we look forward to having a cup of coffee with you physically. Our meetups are not limited to specific locations, because we bring the magic to you most of the time.


Offering a range of educational resources and content to subscribers, including up-to-date information on the latest tech trends and best practices.


Organizing programmes such as hackathons and pitch competitions to showcase the work of our member startups and give them the opportunity to win funding and other prizes.


Partnering with venture capital firms and other funding sources to facilitate introductions and funding opportunities for our community members.

How it Works

In layman terms, we connect ambitious builders to the resources, events, and opportunities they need to test, implement and grow their ideas.


Define - Identify the problem(s) you’ll like to solve. Mental notes don’t work so well, so be sure to make a detailed explanation of the solutions you would like to offer in paper. Make a note of checklists too.


Connect - We get you connected to the communities that would help you test ang grow your ideas. You get to connect with like minded innovators that inspire you.


Expand - You continuously work on expanding your innovation in as many ways as are possible. The Consonance meetups and the community create an avenue for the expansion of your ideas beyond your wildest dreams.


Scale - Come to discover that limitations only exist in your mind, if you let it to. There’s so much you can achieve by understanding how to scale beyond your borders. The sky is indeed just a starting point.


FAQs for a Tech Community about Consonance Club.

Consonance started from a drive to bring tech enthusiasts together to be able to learn, connect and grow together through engagements, programs and opportunities. 

There are no age restrictions as to who can join our community. However, there are age restrictions for participation in some out-of-campus and state events that we host.

No, membership is totally free!

Consonance is a virtual community with members from all over the world. The community is hosted virtually with activities hosted regularly to connect with members. 

The community is hosted on a Slack workspace with a teaming network of Developers, Designers, PMs and other tech roles. You can join the community by following @consonanceclub on Twitter and requesting to join our slack channel with this link.

You can get our latest news and engagement from our Newsletter here and from our Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

You can interact with other members of our community on Slack or on our various Whatsapp channels

You can sign up to volunteer with our community by clicking here 

If you are under 18 years, kindly follow the application process here

To partner with us or sponsor any of our programs and events, kindly reach out to us here: partnerships@consonance.com

Consonance leads a developer community of 8k+ technologists across Africa. We welcome brands that align with our community ethos and partner to deliver developer-focused programs.

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Meet the Team

From various walks of life, Consonance’s team of talents are trailblazers and set a standard of successful achievements. We are confident in our team's collaboration skills, to make dreams come through. The team at Consonance is full of grit and remains resilient in the face of opposition.


We understand the importance and power of partnerships and we utilize them. We not only learn, but we network with higher and similar clubs and companies to achieve our goals faster. We are always in partnership with the best brands to bring experience and solutions to innovators. "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Contact Us

The highlights of every day at Consonance through the scheduled tasks and mid-day meetings are the message notifications. They light up our day and make our commitment worth it. Reach us at hello@consonance.club and we'll be there.

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