Building Products that win in the African Market


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We had an amazing session on building products that succeed in the African marketplace and we had an insightful session.

The session was anchored by Consonance’s Operations Partner Toyin Bamidele (Batel) with special guest Richards Iyoha-Osagie. We discussed how the African market values environmentally friendly and resource-efficient products and we emphasized the role of innovative technologies in shaping the African market.

The session featured inspiring case studies of building products that have thrived in the African market one of which was Bumpa. We also established that by pooling resources and expertise, innovators can unlock greater opportunities.

We concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to ask the Product expert questions on the conversations had around building products in Africa.

Overall, the session shed light on the immense potential for building products in the African market. By considering local needs, embracing sustainability, leveraging innovative technologies, and fostering partnerships, we can create transformative solutions that meet the demands of this dynamic and rapidly evolving market.

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