Hacking early stage growth in Africa


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Recap of one of the greatest series ever…

Here’s the news in full 🌝 (Pun intended). Consonance’s Operations Partner @Batelthebrand started like an oracle, we just thank God he didn’t exhaust our guest’s notes before handing over.
After a successful intro @Uchekene_ started by bursting our bubbles. He started with a favorite quote about Growth in Africa by his favorite X (formerly Twitter) tech enthusiast in the person of Asemota (Big Chief) and let us know that “Poor distribution – not product is the number one cause of failure in the African market”
The whole gist of the #ConsonanceSeries themed “Hacking Early stage growth in Africa” is based on two things; How effective is your growth system? and how proactive is your team?

A huge part of creating a growth system that works in Africa is you trying to figure out how to distribute your products. I mean how effective is your growth, if your products don’t land in the right hands right?

About your team 🤔, you’d better bury that idea of a one-man growth team because Ko le work ( IYKYK 😉).

This means that to hack growth in Africa, it takes a village, so you need a structured team to own and execute these ideas.

A.I also can’t help you here because it requires cognition and good judgment, so dead that thought of outsourcing your growth team to AI.

Here’s a final lesson from our guest. “You need to think through ideas with your growth team”.

See you 👋 at our next series. Till then digest this note.

Bye Bye 👋

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