The Fundraising Journey To Raising $1m Pre-seed

Consonance 2024-02

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Nathan Nwachukwu and Lekan Adejumo, who started Klas, an edtech company in Nigeria, have hit a big milestone. They recently got $1 million in funding!
What is an edtech company, you might ask?
Nathan got the idea for Klas after he had an accident and had to take a break from school. He wanted to keep learning but needed help using the available online teaching tools, so he sought out ways to make it simpler. That’s how Klas was born.
Klas has over 5,000 people making online courses with their platform and 300,000 learners from 30 countries. People like Klas because it’s easier to use than other similar platforms.
With this, Klas can grow even more. They want to reach more people, especially in India and North America. Also, they want to make it easier for people to use their local currency when paying.
This funding isn’t just about money; it’s a big step forward for Klas. They’re changing how education works in Africa.
As they keep growing and developing new ideas, Klas will be a key part of how people learn online.

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