Seerbits Future Of Payment Hackathon


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The Future of Payment (FOP) hackathon was deployed by Consonance for Seerbit. Seerbit engaged Consonance Club as its implementing partner to design and implement a program that incentivized talented developers to rethink Payment solutions through Seerbits infrastructure.
The hackathon was inspired by a widely shared social media narrative about the ecosystem’s oversaturation with FinTechs. SeerBit believed that there aren’t enough FinTechs and that there are more problems to solve, which is why SeerBit challenged developers to come and build some of these solutions using SeerBit’s API and SDKs for a chance to win up to $30,000 in prizes and seed funding.

Teams registered with their payment solutions plan, and after the screening processes the final participants and winners were shortlisted for the Cash Prizes.
At the end of the hackathon, Excousia emerged in first place, Neon second and Luka finance came in third place.
History would remember Seerbit, Consonance Club, Ventures Platform, and other partners as trailblazers in Africa. It was indeed an innovative and impactful hackathon.

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